Repair of plastic products

Professional repair of plastic products in Bulgaria

Our team of highly qualified professionals offers professional repair of plastic products in Bulgaria for private individuals and large companies! Types of repair services: repair of plastic products and plastic welding, restoration of plastic products, soldering of plastic products, and repair of plastic details. We repair plastics of almost any brand, plastic products of various shapes configuration. Time frames start with 15 minutes.

Repair of plastic products in Bulgaria by welding or soldering

Damage of plastic products is a common problem nowadays. Most plastic products crack, break and become unusable while in operation. Plastic welding or plastic soldering can be useful in repairing damaged details.

Plastic soldering is a process, which requires careful preparation, experience of specialists andproper evaluation ofthe repairability of a product. If rules of the technology are not followed, the weld seam will be fragile and will not sustain even slight loads.

Repair of plastic products in Bulgaria by extrusion or bar sealing

Another way to repair plastic products is extrusion method. This is the most effective method, which can make products hermetic and able to sustain heavy loads. Not all products can be repaired with extrusion method. Sometimes thickness of a material or its properties don’t allow to carry out repair works with any method but bar sealing. Before starting repair works, it is essential to identify material, which was used in manufacturing of a product, and then choose suitable method and start repairing the damaged product. Each polymer (and there is a wide variety of polymers) has its own melting point. Therefore, temperature is selected for repair of each product individually.

How to repair a plastic product or a crack in a plastic product?

How to repair a plastic product?

How to repair a plastic product? There are several methods of welding. One of them is bar sealing with hot air. Certain temperature is selected for sealing of each repaired product. Otherwise surfaces will not be sealed. But the correct choice of temperature is not the main part of preparation for repair. It is also essential to prepare the surface carefully, groove the edges in a special way and clean the surface.

How to repair a crack in a plastic product?

There are several ways to repair a crack in a plastic product. To decide on the method of welding, you need to know material of a product and what kind of damage it is. Welding of a crack in plastic takes from one to several hours. Welding of a plastic product must be carried out in strict compliance with thermal factor and other factors as well. It is quite difficult to repair a plastic product, because it is possible to overheat a plastic detail and make it unrepairable.

If you have a question: «How to fix a crack in plastic?», contact us! We will be glad to help you and carry out professional repair of plastic products in Varna or on-site repair services across Bulgaria.

Restoration of plastic details is carried out only by high-qualified specialists, which guarantees full compliance with technology. We use certified materials to repair plastic products and their details.

Repair of plastic products in Bulgaria or plastic welding: the price

Prices of plastic repair services depend on complexity of works and the kind of damage. Contact our managers in Varna to find out about current prices and discounts on all types of services.