Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets in Bulgaria: types, sizes, prices offers plastic pallets in Bulgaria at affordable prices!

It is impossible to imagine some manufactures in Bulgaria not using pallets. This type of products is used with reactive substances (saline, acids, alkali, oils, etc.). There are various needs of enterprises: trays of various sizes with boards of various heights and wall-thickness. All products are manufactured from polypropylene and polyethylene, which are approved for food contact applications and have Safety and Health Certificate. Our products are used by car services, chemical factories, food manufacturing factories and some specialized production facilities in Bulgaria. Purposes of these products vary greatly: they can be used for the drainage of oils, for mixing chemical substances, for condensate storage, for water, for a shower.

We offer plastic pallets in Bulgaria of the following types:

  • plastic pallets,
  • plastic pallets with boards,
  • water trays,
  • shower trays,
  • alkali pallets,
  • petrol pallets,
  • dieselfuelpallets
  • and others.
  • standard pallets,
  • big plastic pallets or pallets of big sizes,
  • custom-made pallets.

We offer plastic pallets in Bulgaria of the following sizes:

When you place an order, you should indicate basic measurements: height of a board, length and width of a product.

Plastic pallets in Bulgaria: types and the field of application

Plastic water pallet allows to eliminate leaks from tanks, filters, air conditioning systems, etc. A shower tray can be manufactured in any size. Pallets for alkali, petrol, diesel fuel and other chemical substances will help to prevent spilling aggressive liquids, because our pallets are chemical-resistant, even to sulfuric acid.

We manufacture big plastic pallets of any size, plastic pallets with big boards, plastic water trays and condensation trays.

Our list of manufactured products includes plastic hinged pallets (for attachment to air conditioners and other purposes). They are attached to the ceiling or another surface for gathering and drainage of condensation and water.

They are good at keeping oil, reagents, acids and other substances. Manufactured products are airtight, reliable and notable with their long lifetime. According to their purposes, they can be divided into 2 categories: thick-walled pallets and thin-walled pallets. If a bowl is under heavy load, its wall thickness must be proportional to the load.

The field of application of plastic pallets is wide. There are shower trays, cage pallets, oil-resistant trays, chip trays. Sometimes it is required to manufacture a bowl with boards (a board for attachment to the wall or for increased tightness). Manufacturing of custom-made plastic bowls will allow you to buy a product, which is suitable just for you.

Plastic pallet can be used not for its intended purpose. For example, it can be used as a car insert, as a container or a plastic insert into a concrete bowl.

Our clients often can be companies, which use products by as stands for machines and equipment. They gather oil and chip, which comes from the manufacture.

Extrusion method is used in manufacturing. Products, which are manufactured with this method, have high rigidity and resistance to impact loads, they are airtight and durable. Polyethylene and polypropylene are plastics, which are used to manufacture our plastic products. These materials are manufactured with extrusion method, and they have very long lifetime and excellent quality of the surface. The lifetime of these materials is several decades. Some types of plastic have UV protection, frost-resistant and shockproof substances in their chemical composition. Operating temperature of our products is from -50 to +100 ºC.

Sometimes we have pallets of standard sizes in stock. They will save you time, making it possible to buy plastic pallets in a short period of time.

Prices and the production time of plastic pallets in Bulgaria

The price of a plastic pallet depends on its size, the height of boards and thickness of plastic, which is used in manufacturing. For example, the height vary from 20 mm (30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 300 mm and more upon request). The price of a plastic pallet is calculated within several minutes.

Plastic pallets are manufactured in single copies or small lots. A pallet is possible to be manufactured within several hours. Nevertheless, the quality of a product will remain high!