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A plastic shower tray in Bulgaria by

A plastic shower tray in Bulgaria by is a guarantee of quality and long lifetime! Many people are looking for various types of this product: a plastic shower tray, a tray for shower cabin, or plastic water trays. And is the only solution.

A plastic shower tray in Bulgaria: features and the lifetime

A plastic shower tray is manufactured from high-quality frost-resistant shockproof plastics. Sizes of shower trays can be different. It is important to understand that the price depends on the size of a shower tray – the bigger the size, the higher the price. The lifetime of these trays is more than 20 years.

Plastic shower tray has antibacterial properties, because it is manufactured from plastic, which is approved for food contact applications (material has Safety and Health Certificate certificate) and rejects foreign substances. You can even store food products and drinking water in these trays.

A plastic water tray in Bulgaria and its advantages over an acrylic tray

A plastic water tray has a number of advantages over an acrylic tray. Plastic will not crack or crumble over time, trays can be repaired in case of damage. A plastic tray is more flexible than an acrylic tray. And the most important advantage is possibility to manufacture a water tray of any necessary size. Manufacturing of plastic trays takes less time than manufacturing of acrylic trays.

Plastic water trays in Bulgaria: types and the production time

Plastic water trays of big size are manufactured a little longer than small trays. The production time of trays starts with 40 minutes, but products of big size or complex shape may need more than 1 day to be manufactured.

Plastic shower trays can be manufactured with boards of different heights.

Color is chosen by the customer. A color range includes the following colors: blue, white and beige.

A shower tray has rectangular shape. It is possible to provide a small declivity for the drainage of water to necessary side or to the center, if needed.