Plastic pallets with boards

We offer plastic pallets with boards in Bulgaria at an affordable price!

We manufacture plastic pallets with boards. Boards of this type of products allow to attach a pallet to protruding surfaces and make a pallet aesthetically appealing. To order plastic pallets with boards in Bulgaria, call us or send a request via email (you can find contact information on the CONTACT page). We have our own manufacture of plastic pallets in Varna, and we market plastic pallets across Bulgaria. We offer plastic pallets with boards of any size in a quantity of 1 piece and more. It takes 1 hour or more to manufacture a plastic pallet. Urgent manufacturing of plastic pallets is available.

Plastic pallets with boards in Bulgaria: types and the field of application offers plastic pallets with boards in Bulgaria of the following types: plastic pallets, shower trays, plastic water trays, big plastic pallets with boards, oil-resistant trays, acid-proof trays. We offer plastic trays for chemical substances and water. We manufacture custom-made oil-resistant trays and acid-proof trays. Water trays are used to gather water or condensation. We also manufacture water storage trays. Pallets for alkali and other chemical substances are used for spill prevention, mixing chemical substances, storage of chemical substances. Pallets are chemical-resistant even to acids. Shower trays are used in industrial shower rooms and in the private sector. Cage pallets are used in raising rabbits, chickens and any other animals (plastic is certified and approved for food contact applications).

Plastic pallets are able to sustain heavy mechanical loads, they are also hermetic and frost-resistant. A pallet of big size requires more time to be manufactured. We manufacture polyethylene and polypropylene pallets. These pallets are often used in chemical industry sector, because material, which is used in manufacturing of pallets, is chemical-resistant to alkaline, acids and chemical conditions. We manufacture plastic water trays and air conditioner drain pans.

There are other fields of application of plastic pallets: food trays (plastic is certified and has Safety and Health Certificate certificate), chip trays (stands for machines and equipment), condensate trays (for condensate storage), oil-resistant trays (they are used for the drainage of oil in cars, trucks and other machinery), shower trays, plastic trays for sprouts.

We offer plastic pallets for any purposes. We can manufacture a pallet with boards of any size and height.