Plastic containers

We offer manufacturing of plastic containers in Varna and market welded plastic containers across Bulgaria

This is the main area of our manufacture. We offer manufacturing of plastic containers in Varna and market welded plastic containers across Bulgaria.

Welding of plastic containers, tanks and non-standard products can be carried out according to your drawings or the technical statement of the work. Possibilities of plastic welding technologies allow to manufacture a container of any shape and size, build pipes and fittings of any size into it. Containers can be equipped with agitator shafts, partitions and other additional features, if needed.

Possibilities of the technology allow to manufacture containers of any size (from 10 liters to several dozens of cubic meter) and shape. Manufacturing of cylindrical or rectangular containers with different types of installation (horizontal and vertical tanks) is available. The wall thickness is calculated according to the pressure of used liquid (for example, saline solutions are heavier than water). Edges of a plastic container can be outside or inside, if they are needed. Furthermore, pipes with flange connection or threaded pipes of various diameters can be welded into manufactured containers. Usually pipes have diameters from 16 to 110 millimeters. It is possible to weld larger diameter pipes into containers, but sometimes it is difficult to find them on the market ofpolymeric pipes. And their prices are high, so it is often not cost-effective.

We manufacture plastic containers in Varna and market welded plastic containers across Bulgarian cities.

Overflow tanks are manufactured in the place of installation, because they are usually located in basements or on technical floors of buildings. If you order a tank of this type, our specialists will go to the place of installation in Varna or any Bulgarian city to take measurements of passageways and the height of a building to find out if installation of a tank is possible. Sometimes there is not enough space to manufacture a tank of necessary size, and we have to change shapes and sizes of tanks to achieve the desired result.

On-site services of taking measurements are chargeable, the cost depends on the distance of your location.

We can manufacture plastic tanks with the welding method, vehicle storage containers for liquids and dry products, overflow tank for swimming pools, plastic water barrels, gas tanks, truck tanks, swimming pool bowls, polymeric inserts, container trailers and plastic lining. Inserts are manufactured according to the required size.

Why do industry leaders order plastic containers in Varna and buy welded plastic containers in Bulgaria, but not metal containers?

We face the problem of using metal tanks in modern manufacturing. For a number of reasons, they are not always suitable for particular purposes. These reasons include rapid deterioration, frequent repairs, oxide and various chemicals emissions, and rust, which gets into water or saline solutions. All of these effects are often unacceptable.

Especially when complying with sanitary requirements is essential.

According to the new requirements of supervisory authorities, containers and tanks for water, chemical substances, oil, petrol, dry products and other substances must be manufactured from plastic. But not all manufacturers have the possibility to buy plastic containers of the suitable size and configuration. Welding of polyethylene (or polypropylene) tanks is the best solution. Plastics, which are used for welding of tanks (polyethylene and polypropylene) have chemically inactive structure, withstand strong acids and alkali, and do not react with oils and saline solutions.

Possibilities of using plastic and polyethylene containers

Manufactured plastic tanks are used to store various liquids: fuel, drinking water, saline solutions, acids, alkali. The main advantage of the welding technology is the possibility to manufacture a custom-made tank according to necessary shape, volume, color andwall thickness. We use high-quality extrusionpolyethylene and polypropylene, which can guarantee very long lifetime. Even if you accidentally damage plastic containers, pierce them with armature, drop a tank and now there is a crack in it, our specialists can provide repair services of damaged products (maintainability is also important in selecting welded plastic tanks).

The range of use of plastic containers is extensive. Sizes and shapes ofstorage tanks are defined by customers. All products are manufactured individually in single copies or small lots.