Plastic tanks

Custom-made polyethylene or plastic tanks in Bulgaria

We offer custom-made polyethylene or plastic tanks of any shape and size in Bulgaria. Modern equipment and high-quality materials are used in the modern manufacture of plastic tanks in Varna.

We manufacture individual custom-made plastic products of required shape, volume and size.

Custom-made polyethylene or plastic tanks in Bulgaria, manufactured in a specific location

If you want to order plastic products in single copies or small lots, you don’t have to order a form, welding method allows to avoid spending extra money. Manufacturing of custom-made plastic tanks and containers and manufacturing of products in single copies or small lots is possible because of the technology of welding polymeric materials. Welded tanks can be manufactured in the place of installation.

Our company offers ready-made plastic tanks in Bulgaria and manufacturing of tanks in the place of installation in any Bulgarian city. On-site manufacturing of plastic tanks services are discussed individually. Services include taking measurements by welders and manufacturing of a product.

Why are polyethylene or plastic tanks in Bulgaria more popular than metal ones?

By comparison with metal equivalents, plastic containers are undeniably more effective due to the following factors:

  • longer lifetime of plastic containers;
  • safety/environmental friendlines;
  • corrosion resistance - they are not exposed to this kind of damage.

This all makes metal products at least one level below plastic tanks with the same functions. Plastic water tanks are more convenient to maintain, and they weigh less than metal tanks.

Relevance of plastic tanks in Bulgaria or their field of application

Polymeric water tanks are perfectly suitable not only for water storage, but also for storage of various chemical substances. Safe storage of various liquids in a plastic tank is possible for a long time.

Plastic welded water tanks can be used in the range of temperatures from -30 to +100 ºC. This is possible because of extrusion plastic, which is used in manufacturing of welded plastic constructions. The advantage of extrusion plastic in comparison with other manufacturing methods (rotational molding, stamping and casting) is undeniable. Welded tanks are more reliable and durable, so they can be used for much longer time than casted and rotational molded analogues. Welded containers and welded tanks will not explode because of freezing and will not start crumbling because of UV exposure.

Plastic water tanks have diverse ways of using. It is possible to use them for transporting liquids, dry products and chemical substances. You can also use them to store water. Plastic containers are used as autonomous canalization and wastewater treatment facilities.

In our company you can buy a custom-made plastic tank for using in manufacture, in a country house or in a garden.

Plastic tanks in Bulgaria and their types: polyethylene and polypropylene water tanks

Polyethylene and polypropylene can be allocated among technological plastics. Polypropylene water tanks are more durable and reliable because of their mechanical properties, they are less vulnerable to abrasion. Polyethylene water tanks are less reliable, but their price is the undeniable advantage.

Polypropylene and polyethylene plastic tanks are odorless and smell proof, which makes it possible to preserve water quality and keep structures of chemical substances unchanged.

Plastic containers can have different shapes (cylindrical or rectangular) and types of installation (horizontal or vertical).

Polyethylene, polypropylene or plastic tanks in Bulgaria gained popularity as storage tanks for canalization, fresh water tanks, storage tanks for diesel fuel and petrol (for diesel generators and also for diesel oil storage). Plastic tanks have perfect chemical resistance and have almost unlimited lifetime. The modern manufacture of plastic tanks in Bulgaria allows to make storage tanks of any shape, volume and size.

A partition, a pipe or additional handles for transportation can be welded into polymeric tanks.