Repair of plastic containers

Professional repair of plastic containers in Bulgaria

We use specialized equipment to provide professional repair of plastic containers in Bulgaria with the guarantee of quality. The warranty period is 1 year.

Nowadays most of containers are manufactured from plastic. The most popular types of plastic for manufacturing of containers are polyethylene and polypropylene. 90% of plastic containers are manufactured from these materials. The most modern equipment and highly qualified specialists make it possible to carry out complex repair of plastic tanks and containers.

Repair of plastic containers in Bulgaria according to the type of material

We offer the following services: repair of plastic containers, repair of polyethylene and polypropylene containers, repair of polymeric containers and water tanks.

Repair of a plastic container has been made possible by technology of plastic welding. Repair of polyethylene products is carried out with the use of hand welding extruders. Polyethylene is shockproof, chemically-resistant and also frost-resistant, it is great insulator, it softens on being heated (at a temperature 80—120°C), and it becomes solid on cooling, which makes any glue and resins useless in restoring and repairing this material. On average, repair of a plastic container takes from one to two hours. Time frames vary depending on the working conditions and extent of the damage of a plastic container.

Repair of polypropylene products is also carried out using hand welding extruder. In contrast to polyethylene, polypropylene is harder, more resistant to abrasion, it has wider range of operating temperatures and it is not exposed to corrosion cracking.

Damaged objects are mainly water tanks. Due to their chemical resistance, polyethylene and polypropylene are used by almost all chemical manufactures. It is essential to provide thorough drying and ventilation for containers while repairing them.

Repair of underground storage tanks has a special place in our repair services. Repair sites in underground storage tanks are often difficult of access, sometimes we have to carry out preparatory works on bailing excavation of damaged spots. To repair an underground storage tank, it is necessary to bail water out and provide a passageway inside the tank (or to dig up damaged spots from the outside). But don’t hurry to do that, because damages probably don’t require preparatory works. Instead, phone us and we will consult you.

Customers often request us to repair a tank for chemicals. We repair all types of tanks – tanks for alkali, containers for acids, storage tanks for saline solutions and other chemical substances. You must wash a tank for chemicals carefully and then dry and ventilate it before repair works.

Repair of plastic containers in Bulgaria in a specific location

We offer professional on-site repair services for plastic containers in Varna, or we will send a specialist to any Bulgarian city. Repair works will be carried out by our specialists in a short period of time. However, it is important to note that repair of containers is possible only if there is electricity current of 220 volts available in the location of an object.