Repair of gas tanks

Professional repair of gas tanks in Bulgaria

Do you need to repair a gas tank in Bulgaria? You are on the right website! We provide professional on-site repair services for plastic gas tanks in Varna and other regions of Bulgaria.

If you have a damaged plastic tank, you don’t need to buy a new one, as car services usually advise. Instead, you can have it repaired, and it will cost you several times less than buying a new tank. Repaired tank will work just as the new one. It is possible to carry out repair works without removing a tank from your car.

We offer the following types of services: repair of fuel tank, repair of diesel tank, repair of plastic gas tank, welding of gas tank, repair ofcontainer for diesel fuel, repair of JCB tank.

How do our masters carry out professional repair of a gas tank in Bulgaria?

It is essential to drain gasoline or diesel fuel out of a plastic gas tank before repairing it and leave  it open so that fumes can come out. Before repairing a gas tank, it must be removed from special equipment. Some gas tanks can be repaired without removing it from a car. It depends on the kind of damage and the spot of leak. Our masters carry out repair of plastic gas tanks with extrusion method, which provides the same work capacity as new products have.

Tanks for special equipment have fairly similar kinds of damage: at a construction site, where you can see big amounts of armature, concrete blocks and other dangerous objects, a collision of building construction equipment can occur, and as a result, the gas tank can get a hole, a crack or even a torn piece. These damages are impossible to repair with artisanal method. Extrusion method of repairing polymeric storage tanks is suitable for these damages. Our company is very experienced in repairing JCB tractor plastic tanks.

Some service companies offer hot air soldering (with adding materials). But don’t hurry to do this kind of works! Hot air soldering with adding materials overheats plastic very much. The repaired spot usually breaks and cracks again. It is not always possible to repair a product one more time, because the repaired spot is already overheated and material (polymer-based material for repair) is attached not so reliably as it was before. In some cases the repaired spot is overheated so much that normal repair is impracticable. Extrusion method provides reliable high-quality connection (in some cases the repaired spot becomes even stronger than it was before being damaged).

We give a warranty for repair works, which are carried out with extrusion method! Not all damaged spots can be repaired with bar sealing, sometimes extrusion method is the only choice.

Repair of gas tanks in Bulgaria: prices and time frames

Prices and time frames: depending on complexity of works, repairing a gas tank takes between 30 minutes and several hours. Repair of gas tanks is usually carried out in front of the customer. Prices of hot gas repair start at 52 levs.