Plastic boxes

Custom-made plastic boxes in Bulgaria

Are you looking for custom-made plastic boxes in Bulgaria? Do you need ventilation skips, air plenums, food containers or non-standard boxes? Do you want to order one item or a small lot? We can help you!

Custom-made plastic boxes in Bulgaria and their types

Our company manufactures plastic boxes in Varna and market them across Bulgaria. You can find, choose and order the following types of products on our website:

  • plastic ventilation skips or air channels,
  • plastic air plenums,
  • plastic food containers,
  • plastic rectangular boxes
  • or non-standard boxes, manufactured according to given dimensions.

Plastic air plenum can be manufactured closed from one or both sides. It is possible to equip an air plenum with chocks, fittings and pipes of any size, or weld chocks and sensor platforms into an air plenum.

Air plenums are manufactured in units, and then they are connected together. Pass-through size of a plenum can be any required. A plenum can have any pass-through size and any required size of flow section.

Ventilation skip belongs to another category. Custom-made ventilation skip is collapsible (for easier on-site installation), and it can be manufactured with necessary flow section. When you order a ventilation skip, it is essential to know necessary length and size of flow section of an air channel.

Ventilation skips are hermetic, they are able to sustain heavy heat and mechanical loads. Its operating temperature is from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius. Our ventilation skips are shockproof and frost-resistant. Plastic is certified and approved for food contact applications.

Condensate pumps don’t have specific requirements, so they are manufactured from the cheapest materials, and the lowest wall thickness is chosen in order to reduce the cost of a box.

Relevance of plastic boxes in Bulgaria or their field of application

We supply products and fulfill orders of enterprises in food and chemical industry sectors, including custom-made products. There are many various purposes of using a ventilation skip. The method of manufacturing depends on the field of application. Different purposes need different wall thickness from 2mm to 10mm. It is also important to choose certain type of plastic and its color. Material sustains a contact with almost any chemical substances, such as saline, acids, alkaline, etc. 

Plastic boxes can be divided into the following groups according to their purposes:

  • plastic food containers,
  • plastic dry food containers,
  • ice collectors,
  • plastic grain silos,
  • condensate pumps,
  • for chemical substances,
  • for ventilation and others...

Prices of plastic boxes in Bulgaria

The price of a plastic box is calculated according to the size, thickness and complexity of a product. Contact our managers, and they will help you to make the calculations correctly!