Repair of storage tanks

Soldering of plastic storage tanks or repair of storage tanks in Bulgaria

Highly qualified specialists of our company will carry out soldering of plastic storage tanks or repair of storage tanks in Bulgaria. Storage tanks represent rectangular or cylindrical containers. We offer repair of plastic storage tanks.

Types of available services:repair of oil storage tanks, repair of water storage tanks, repair of tank bottom plates, soldering of plastic tanks.

Repair of plastic products will cost you much less than buying new products. Plastic storage tanks can be horizontal or vertical. Storage tanks have various purposes: oil storage tanks, water storage tanks, fire tanks, storage tanks for chemical substances (saline, acids, alkali) and others.

When you need soldering of plastic storage tanks or repair of plastic storage tanks in Bulgaria

Storage tanks come in various shapes and volumes. But they can come out of action, as all types of vessel equipment. Damages can be caused by various factors: temperature differences, aging, incorrect load distribution, and improper tank installation. The lifetime of polyethylene tanks is about 20 years. However, operating conditions can reduce the lifetime. For example, temperature conditions: constant temperature differences lead to residual stress, which will cause cracking and breakage of weak spots during multiple cycles. Sometimes weak spots of storage tanks include ribs, manholes, lugs and chamfers. Levels of residual stress are especially high in weak spots. These spots crack in the first place.

Repair of a tank bottom plate is ordered by customers in Bulgaria most often

The main problem of storage tanks is cracked bottom plate. This problem impedes the normal work of equipment. Replacing a storage tank with a new one is very expensive. Repairing with improvised means (such as glue, resins, repair patches) is impossible, because it will give only short-term result and will make repair works more expensive.

Entrust repair works to professionals. We will carry out repair works according to all rules of technology and give warranty for carried out repair works.

There are several methods of modern manufacturing of plastic storage tanks with various operational properties. Breakages and emergencies occur in the operation regardless of the method of manufacturing of plastic storage tanks. Extrusion method allows to repair a tank in the shortest period of time with a minimal loss.