Plastic trays

We offer plastic trays in Bulgaria in large and small lots

One of priority areas of Plastic.bgis manufacturing of custom-made products according to required sizes. We market plastic trays in Bulgaria of standard, small and big sizes for all types of purposes.

Plastic trays in Bulgaria: types and sizes

There are many types of plastic trays:plastic water tray, plastic cage tray, polyethylene tray, polypropylene tray, trays for oils, trays for chemicals, etc.

Plastic trays of any sizes can be manufactured within 1 hour. We will manufacture custom-made polypropylene and polyethylene trays of necessary size: 500*500mm, 1000*500 mm, 1500*1500mm, 2000*1000 mm, 3000*1500 mm, 3000*3000mm and others.

The usual height of a tray is 50, 70 or 100 mm, we will manufacture a tray of any required height, if needed.

Trays are manufactured from extrusion polypropylene and polyethylene, which are strong, durable, resistant to temperature differences, and they have very long lifetime, which is multiple times longer than lifetime of molded and cast products. The operating temperature of plastic trays is from -30 to +120 degrees Celsius.

How to order or buy plastic trays in Bulgaria online?

You can buy or order plastic trays in Bulgaria on our web-site. You should choose a suitable product, contact our manager, indicate required size and make arrangements for delivery details.

Prices of plastic trays in Bulgaria

You should consult our company managers to confirm the cost of plastic trays, because the price depends on necessary parameters of a product. Besides, when you contact our managers directly, you will always get current information about discounts.