Goods and Products

Plastic products in Bulgaria and custom-made plastic containers

We offer plastic products in Bulgaria and manufacture custom-made plastic containers:

  • standard and custom-made plastic water tanks,
  • plastic water trays,
  • galvanic baths
  • and NON-STANDARD polyethylene and polypropylene products.

We manufacture plastic containers in Varna and market plastic products across Bulgaria.

Note: piping systems or pipes of various diameters can be welded into all manufactured products (and also into ready-made products). Welding of polyethylene sheets and pipes or polypropylene sheets and pipes is available.

Manufacturing in the place of installation is available.

Manufacturing of polypropylene and polyethylene containers in Varna and Bulgaria

Welding works can be done in a place of installation due to mobility of the equipment. Polyethylene and on-site polypropylene welding services are discussed individually. You can order plastic products in Varna in the office of our company and discuss the possibility of works in your city with our manager.

The use of extrusion technology to weld plastics in manufacturing makes the design of a product nearly unlimited, it depends only on the customer’s requirements. Products aremade of certified plastics (they are approved for food contact applications). Welding is carried out on the equipment of Swiss and German manufacturers. All these factors, accompanied by experience of our specialists, guarantee high quality of manufactured goods.

Plastic products in Bulgaria and custom-made plastic containers

The following types of products of different shapes and sizes can be custom-made:

Custom-made and standard plastic water tanks in Bulgaria

  • Manufacturing of water storage tanks (for hot and cold water) according to given measurements;
  • Manufacturing of tanks and ready-made water tanks;
  • Manufacturing of chemical storage plastic tanks;
  • Plastic barrels;
  • Storage tanks and polyethylene tanks;
  • Plastic containers for various needs.

Plastic water trays in Bulgaria

We produce custom-made plastic pallets of big sizes with boards of any size in single copies: 

  • Plastic water trays (including big sizes);
  • Plastic chemical trays and condensate trays of big sizes;
  • Shower trays;
  • Polypropylene galvanic baths;
  • Plastic containers of any shape, manufactured in the place of installation;
  • Technical plastic containers of non-standard shape;
  • Custom-made polyethylene storage tanks and polyethylene containers;
  • Septic tanks and plastic components (partitions, manholes, pipes for septic tanks);
  • Polypropylenepools;
  • Plasticbaptismalfontbowls;
  • Polypropylene airchannels;
  • Plastic boxes of any size;
  • Plastic housings of the required size;
  • Plastic cellars for vegetables;
  • Inspection pits and technical rooms (underground constructions).

Repair of plastic tanks in Varna or on-site repair services in Bulgaria

We repair polypropylene baths, polyethylene containers, polypropylene storage tanks and other products.

Repair of car gas tanks, excavators, tractors, cars, construction machinery is available.

We repair plastic septic components, lengthen the manhole of a septic tank, fix cracked plastic.