Plastic repair services

Professional plastic repair services in Bulgaria

Our company offers professional plastic repair services in Bulgaria. We offer repair of plastic tanks, containers, galvanic baths and products of any configuration, size and shape. We offer on-site repair services. Emergency repair is possible in some cases!

Plastic repair services in Bulgaria: types of services

Repair of tanks

Almost any plastic product can be repaired: fuel tanks, gas tanks, expansion tanks, gas tanks of tractors, tanks for chemicals and water, distributing tanks, diesel fuel tanks of JCB and other manufacturers, gas tank of building construction equipment, irrigation equipment and other machines.

We provide emergency repair of a polyethylene tank or a polypropylene container in Varna. Same day repair services are available.

Repair of containers

Plastic containers often start leaking, which is caused by cracking or getting damaged. If this happened to your plastic container, we can send a specialist to any place in Varna or any other region of Bulgaria. Our master will repair a damaged tank in a short period of time. We repair polyethylene water tanks, containers for chemical substances, polypropylene containers.

Repair of polypropylene galvanic baths

Elimination or repairing damaged galvanic baths is also provided by our range of services.

Repair of septic tanks

Modern septic tanks in Bulgaria are manufactured from polyethylene or polypropylene. While using septic tanks, problems and needs occur from time to time, including the following ones: leaking, holes caused by soil displacement, pressed out septic tank wall, necessity to build up a manhole because of incorrect installation, welding a pipe into a septic tank, installing a partition or other issues. Phone us and we will send a specialist to your place and consult you about the best way to carry out repair works.

Welding of ABS plastic

Our plastic repair department often receives orders for repair of the following products: plastic bumper, ABS plastic products, plastic car details, motorcycles, quad bikes and other aggregates. Several technologies are used in repair works of such types of plastic. We will decide on the most suitable one, and after that we will carry out maintenance and repair works, taking the chosen technology into account.

Repair of storage tanks

Storage tanks also need to be maintained and repaired. Water tanks and storage tanks for reagents often break and crack. It happens for various reasons, including the following ones: temperature difference, transportation and residual stress in plastics.

If there is a crack, a hole or another kind of damage in a tank, you don’t have to throw the tank away or replace it with a new one, because it’s possible to repair it. It will save you money and time.

Cracks in gas tanks, cracks in plastic tanks or cracks in plastic products are easy to repair. You need to know the material, which was used in manufacturing of products. Our specialists will help you to identify the type of plastic, and then they will repair a gas tank, a diesel fuel tank, a plastic water tank, or a tank for chemicals.

Emergency repair of a gas tank is possible in case of minor damage, welding of a tank is carried out within an hour. In case of severe damage repair works take one or two days.

If you can’t find a leak in your tank, you can bring it to our office in Varna for a checkup, we will find a leak and eliminate the problem.

Prices of plastic repair services in Bulgaria

Prices of plastic repair services depend on complexity of works.

We use extrusion method of plastic welding in repair works, because this technology is the most reliable and durable. Other methods (bar sealing, mechanical clamps, gluing together, etc.) are not reliable and not durable in operation.