Plastic welding

Plastic soldering or plastic welding in Bulgaria

Professional plastic soldering or plastic welding in Bulgaria is offered by small number of companies. We are one of these companies! We carry out the following types of works: plastic soldering or plastic welding, possibility to weld plastic sheets, polyethylene welding, polypropylene welding, HDP welding, HDP soldering.

Professional plastic soldering or plastic welding in Bulgaria: methods

Plastic welding with different methods is available.

We can weld polypropylene sheets or polyethylene ribs into container; we can carry out polypropylene soldering and polyethylene soldering. We will carry out any kind of modernization works, manufacturing and repair of plastic products. 

Sheet plastics include polypropylene sheets, polyethylene sheets, PVC plastic, ABS plastic and other plastics. Due to their properties, polypropylene and polyethylene sheets are the most popular types of plastic in the industry. They are easily welded, resistant to chemicals, temperature differences, mechanical and other loads. They are rightly called ENGINEERING plastics.

Our customers from Varna and other Bulgarian cities often need the following type of services: welding of polyethylene sheets, welding of polypropylene sheets and manufacturing of a custom-made container or another plastic product. Final welded products have higher quality and better properties than precast and preformed products. This is all due to extrusion method of manufacturing and high-quality welding.

Construct of a plastic product depends on strength calculations and possibilities of the technology. We will prepare drawings of the required product absolutely for free.

When there is a need for manufacturing of single plastic product, plastic welding technology is the best choice. This manufacturing method is the most cost-effective, because there are no expenses for manufacturing of a molding tool and manufacture preparations (!). We offer plastic soldering services, if needed.

Polyethylene welding makes it possible to manufacture custom-made containers, tanks, tables, pallets and any other products from HDP plastic. Furthermore, the price is quite low.

Polypropylene welding is very similar to polyethylene welding technology. These materials have the same quality levels, but nowadays preference is given to polypropylene products. Manufacturing of polypropylene tanks, containers and constructions is the foreground job of our company.

As any other technology, welding of plastic sheets requires special attention and careful preparation. Incorrect welding and non-compliance with temperature requirements will make a connection unreliable. Entrust this type of works to professionals.

Welding of high density polyethylene sheets (HDP welding) is the only reliable method of connecting this popular material. It is impossible to seal up polyethylene or polypropylene products due to their chemical properties.

Plastic soldering or plastic welding in Bulgaria: prices and the production time

Prices of services are calculated individually. The price is calculated according to complexity of works, number of meters of welds, amount of small details and other factors.

Production time vary from 30 minutes to several days, depending on amount and complexity of preparatory works (for example, manufacturing of a jig and attachments, purchasing of additional materials and components). It is essential to take into account all rules of technology in the work process, otherwise products will have shorter lifetime and lower strength properties.

We carry out repair works in full compliance with standards, and that is why you can be sure of the quality of our repair services!