Non-standard pallets

Custom-made non-standard pallets in Bulgaria

We manufacture custom-made non-standard pallets in Bulgaria according to required sizes. Manufacturing of non-standard pallets will take you 1 hour or longer. To fulfil an order, master needs you to specify the size or to draw a sketch of needed pallet. It is also essential to specify external and internal dimensions.

Custom-made non-standard pallets in Bulgaria: types

The following types of products are possible options: non-standard water pallet, non-standard sauna tray, non-standard shower tray, condensate tray, drip tray, filter tray, etc.

It is possible to manufacture a non-standard plastic pallet of any size from 10 cm to several meters.

Non-standard pallets can have rectangular, polygonal or trapezoidal shapes.

It is possible to manufacture a tray without a wall or with a semicircular wall, a quarter circle tray or a semicircular tray.

Non-standard pallets in Bulgaria by Plastic.bgare certified and widely used in many industrial sectors.

Additional features of non-standard pallets in Bulgaria by

Non-standard pallet can have strengthening ribs, it is possible to weld a pipe, a tap or a fitting with a transition to metal thread for the drainage of water. It is possible to manufacture a pallet for attachment to the ceiling (in this case lugs for ceiling fixation are welded into the pallet).

We manufacture drip trays. Your pump and other equipment is installed into the tray, which, in case of leakage, can hold water and prevent flooding a room. Filter trays operate the same way: condensation flows not to the floor, but to the tray, which can be drained later; it is also possible to get the water out of the tray by hand tools.