Repair of septic tanks

Professional repair of a septic tank in Bulgaria offers you repair of a septic tank in Bulgaria with guaranteed quality!

You can choose necessary type of services: repair of a septic tank, repair of a plastic septic tank, building up a manhole, soldering of a septic tank, welding ofa septic tank.

Should you order professional repair of a septic tank in Bulgaria or repair it by yourself?

There are different situations in life, and sometimes plastic septic tanks come out of action. Leakages, cracks, breaches of tank bottom plate and other kinds of damagesoccur in septic tanks. Soil displacement often leads to collapsing and breakage of a septic tank. Glue, sealant and repair materials are useless. A crack in a septic tank doesn’t allow it to function properly, because wastewater goes to the soil and pollutes the area.

The most common cause of leakage in a septic tank is a crack in a plastic wall of a tank, through which wastewater goes to the soil and pollutes the environment and underground water. Furthermore, with the passage of time, leakage leads to the smell, which becomes stronger because of bigger amounts of stored wastewater. Some handymen try to fix the cracked spot with glue or sealant. You should do it under no circumstances. Sealant can’t be attached to plastic, it just makes a crack grow bigger.

Repair of a septic tank in Bulgaria: soldering or welding

Extrusion welding of a septic tank is the only suitable method. If it is impossible to repair a septic tank with this method, bar sealing (soldering with a heat gun) can also be suitable, but it is a temporary measure. Leakage will occur again in the same spot in the future. Welding with an extruder is a hermetic method, which brings lasting results.

We carry our repair of septic tanks by any manufacturing company. The only important thing is that a septic tank should be made of plastic!

Building up a plastic septic tank manhole

Underground water often floods a manhole of a septic tank. We offer the service of building up a custom-made plastic septic tank manhole! We can manufacture a ring of necessary height and diameter, which suits original ring. Then rings are connected and welded with an extruder. The price of a ring depends on its diameter and wall-thickness. Most of septic tanks are manufactured from polyethylene, but sometimes manufacturers don’t economize on materials and use polypropylene. Polypropylene products have longer lifetime.

There are several ways to weld a pipe into a septic tank: use sealant, mechanical clutch or sealing ring. But these methods do not guarantee tightness, and leakages will occur over time. In order to achieve an airtight connection, it is necessary to weld a plastic pipe, which is manufactured from the same material as a septic tank (if the system is polyethylene, then the pipe must be polyethylene as well).

Repair of a septic tank in Bulgaria: additional services

The range of our services includes welding a partition, soldering transport lugs, additional purifying elements and other services. Soldering of septic tanks is carried out after visual inspection of damaged spots. We repair septic tanks by Topas, Tank, Tver and other treatment facilities for country houses.