Galvanic baths

Polypropylene galvanic baths or custom-made galvanic baths in Bulgaria

Our company manufactures polypropylene galvanic baths or custom-made galvanic baths in Bulgaria of any size. We offer polypropylene galvanic baths, baths for acids, baths for alkali, repair of galvanic baths, repair of polypropylene baths, plastic lining for metal baths.

Manufacturing of polypropylene galvanic baths requires precise knowledge of the technology and manufacturing features. Thickness of a product and number of strengthening ribs depend on the shape and size of a product. Every chemical substance has its own density and can affect plastics differently. It is essential to know properties of medium, in which each bath will be located. Thickness of a bath, type of plastic and its construction features depend on chemical composition of substances.

Custom-made galvanic baths in Bulgaria and their components

Polypropylene galvanic baths can be completed, if necessary, with additional features:

  • bath lids,
  • pipes,
  • metal thread,
  • partitions,
  • chocks, etc.

It is possible to weld polypropylene pipes of any diameters (when polypropylene is used in manufacturing; if a product is polyethylene, then polyethylene pipes are used), branch pipes and fittings, ball taps and stop cocks, additional features and partitions.

Why are galvanic baths in Bulgaria used more often than metal baths?

Polypropylene galvanic baths represent the best replacement of metal and stainless steel baths. They do not oxidize, have long lifetime, and they are also repaired easily. Polypropylene is chemical resistant plastic, which allows to manufacture baths even for sulphuric acid solutions.

Acid baths and galvanic baths for alkali are manufactured from polyethylene and polypropylene. They are resistant to acids, alkali, saline and other chemical substances, so they are used in chemical and food industry sectors. Plastics, which are used in manufacture, have Safety and Health Certificate and correspond to all international standards.