Pools for fish and whitebait

Plastic pools in Bulgaria: pools for fish and whitebait

If you decided to start a fish farm or to modernize the old one, then you need high-quality equipment. We offer specialized plastic pools in Bulgaria: pools for fish and whitebait, polypropylene pools, and also containers for farming of fish and whitebait of various types. We will manufacture pools exactly of required volume.

Plastic pools in Bulgaria: different types of pools for fish and whitebait

Sizes of containers for fish farming are chosen by you. Usually these are cylindrical containers with diameter from 2 meters and height up to 1.5 meters. Containers for whitebait are usually smaller.

Plastic pools for fish farming must be manufactured from high-quality food-safe polypropylene, which we use in manufacturing of our products. Pools are welded with extrusion method on the equipment of Swiss and German manufacturers, which guarantee high rigidity and durability. Furthermore, it is possible to weld pipes, partitions and other necessary additional elements into these containers.

Plastic pools for fish farming, pools for whitebait and others…

We also manufacture plastic pools for private use.

A pool can be installed in a private house, for example, or in an area in front of a building. A pool is usually dug into the ground (this is the best variant), but it is also possible to install a pool on a plain surface; in this case amplifying elements must be attached all around the pool.

We offer services of cladding with plastic sheets for old pools. This will not only improve the outer appearance of an old pool, but also it will eliminate leakages.

Prices of fish containers in Bulgaria

We need to know the size of a product to calculate the price of a pool. You can send a request via email or call us on one of the numbers listed on the CONTACT page.