Repair of plastic pools

Professional repair of plastic pools in Bulgaria

Professionals of our company offer repair of plastic pools in Bulgaria and other types of similar repair works: repair of polypropylene pools, manufacturing of polypropylene pools, soldering of a polypropylene pool bowl, repair of a crack in pool.

Repair of plastic pools in Bulgaria can be needed for a number of reasons:

We repair polypropylene pools, HDP pools and high density polyethylene pools. Polypropylene pools are manufactured with various methods and technologies. There are several types of plastic pools: welded pools, precast pools, preformed pools and molded pools. Pools, which are made of polymeric materials, do not require special care, but some problems can occur, for example: a tear on the bottom after winter, a leak or a crack, caused by temperature differences, mechanical damages during discharging or reflooding, necessity to plug a hole in a pool, necessity to build additional pipe into a pool, etc.

Shape and size of a plastic pool are limited only by customer’s imagination. The more junctions, corners and uneven surfaces in a pool, the more likely there will be a leakage or a crack. In this case repair is unavoidable.

If you have these problems, there is a need to call a welder. We offer repair of plastic pools in Varna and on-site repair services in other Bulgarian cities and resort complexes. We will evaluate the extent of the damage and the type of work very quickly, and then we will send a specialist in the shortest period of time.

How our masters carry out repair of plastic pools in Bulgaria: methods and time frames

Repair works are usually carried out with extrusion method or soldering of a polypropylene pool bowl.

Repair of a pool is carried out with a hand welding extruder with the use of high-quality materials, which guarantee reliable weld seam and the continued operation of a product.

To repair a pool, we use only high-quality materials by leaders of half-finished products and polymer manufacturing fields. We give warranty for all types of repair works. Polyethylene pools (polyethylene pool bowls) are also repairable.

A pool takes about 1-2 hours to be repaired (if the damage is slight), or it can take the whole day to solder a pool if the damage is serious.

Repair of plastic pools in Bulgaria: the price

Prices of repair of plastic pools and welding of polypropylene pool bowls depend on complexity of works and the kind of damage. You can always contact our managers directly to find out about prices for your case and get information about discounts!

Manufacturing of a new polypropylene pool

Manufacturing of polypropylene pools is a part of the list of our services. Manufacturing of plastic swimming pool bowls is available both in the place of installation (for example, country house or homestead land) and in our factory.